Principal Investigator

Christopher Lee Asplund

Assistant Professor, Division of Social Sciences (Psychology), Yale-NUS College

Despite having complex brains with billions of neurons, we are often unaware of events that happen right before our eyes, and we have trouble doing even two things at once. Why do we have such limitations? What can we do about them?

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Esther Wu

Research Fellow

Esther completed her PhD in Psychology at NUS in 2016, and an M.Phil in Psychology at the University of Oslo in 2010. Her broad areas of interest include vision and attention. She has experience in conducting experiments using behavioural techniques, eye tracking, EEG and fMRI. Her current work involves building computational models to predict attentional behaviour from resting state fMRI data. Prior to conducting research in psychology, Esther received a Bachelor of Engineering from NUS and worked for a couple of years as a firmware engineer in the industry. 

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Takashi Obana

Reseach Associate

As a psychologist, my interest stretches from research (selective attention) to practice (Existential-Phenomenological Humanistic Psychological Practice). In the domain of research, I utilize both quantitative and qualitative methods. My whole career is devoted to establishing psychology as an integrated human science.



Gwenisha Liaw Jiayi

Research Assistant

Gwenisha is interested in investigating the neural basis of attention and awareness and their profound implications on our perception and cognitive abilities using behavioural, neuroimaging and eyetracking methods.



Weiyan Chee

Research Assistant

Weiyan completed her BA in Psychology and her MRes in Cognitive Neuroscience. With a background in Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroeconomics, she specializes in running fMRI and eyetracking experiments, with a focus in visual attention and economic decision making. Her current projects include, but not limited to, studies on physical exertion, facial recognition, and value-driven attentional capture.



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