Agata Blasiak

Research Fellow
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Dr. Blasiak obtained her B.Eng.Sci. in Biotechnology (specialization: Microbioanalysis) from Warsaw University of Technology in 2011 and Ph.D. in Bionanointeractions from University College Dublin in 2015 (PI: Gil U Lee). She was a recipient of AXA Doctoral Research Fund to study the effects of biochemical and mechanical stimulation on axon growth and pathfinding combining compartmentalized microfluidic culture system with magnetic tweezers and various molecular techniques, e.g. FRET. Other topics she worked on vary from establishing microfluidic flow system for cell migration assay to studying neuronal nanoparticle uptake and transport. Dr. Blasiak joined Dr. Yang’s group at SINAPSE in March 2016. Currently her research projects are focused on axon-specific mechanisms during myelination and peripheral neuropathy onset.