Csaba Orban

Research Engineer
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Csaba Orban is a postdoctoral fellow in Thomas Yeo’s Computational Brain Imaging Group. He is currently interested assessing and refining approaches for preprocessing resting state fMRI data, e.g. to improve performance of algorithms for brain parcellation. He undertook his PhD in Neuroscience at Imperial College London in the Centre for Neuropsychopharmacology through the MRC doctoral training programme. There he investigated the long-term effects of alcohol dependence on amygdala resting state functional connectivity, under the supervision of Anne Lingford-Hughes and John McGonigle. His work focused on the roles of cumulative alcohol exposure, abstinence, and the effects of acute pharmacological modulation by three putative compounds for relapse-prevention. Prior to that he completed an MSc in Neuroscience at University College London, and a BSc in psychology at the University of Bath.