Gia Hoang Ngo

Research Assistant
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Gia H. Ngo received his B.Eng from the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2015. He is currently a research assistant at Clinical Imaging Research Center (CIRC), Singapore Institute for Neurotechnology (SINAPSE), National University of Singapore, Singapore.
Gia’s research interests lie in the general fields of machine learning, Bayesian statistics and their application in Computational Neuroscience and Natural Language Processing. In particular, Gia's research interests in Computational Neuroscience include devising new parametric and non-parametric hierarchical Bayesian models and new inference algorithms to estimate reference atlases of brain networks from large datasets of neuroimages. His research interests in Natural Language Processing include transliteration in limited resource scenarios and application of Bayesian graphical model in natural language processing.
Gia is also the co-founder of GIVEasia, an online crowd-funding platform for humanitarian causes in Asia. GIVEasia started in 2009 and has since expanded to support online fundraising for people in need around Asia.