Li Junhua

Research Fellow

Iā€™m Junhua Li, currently working as a research fellow at the Singapore Institute of Neurotechnology (SINAPSE), National University of Singapore (NUS), starting from April 2015. I had been a research scientist for two years at the Lab. for Advanced Brain Signal Processing, RIKEN, Japan, after receiving the doctoral degree at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in March 2013. The work at RIKEN was mainly relevant to signal processing, especially for advanced algorithm development in processing of psychophysiological signals. My research interests are machine learning, brain computer interface, and data analysis for a variety of signals such as EEG, fMRI, Image and Video. Briefly, my work is to develop suitable algorithms for data mining in order to discover brain mechanisms underlying different cognitive states or pathological mechanisms of mental diseases. These efforts could enhance our understanding of human brain and contribute to development of intervention or treatment of mental disorders.