Nida Itrat Abbasi

Master's student

Nida Itrat Abbasi is a master's student in the department of biomedical engineering, NUS. She completed her bachelors in biotechnology engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology. She is interested in the role of mutlisensory stimuli in enhancement of cognition. Her thesis is based on the use of haptics as an arousal stimuli in increasing perfromance in mundane tasks. Her interest in neurotechnology started when she was awarded the MITACS Globalink Research Fellowship in 2014 where she worked on the cognitive enhancement of the Alzheimer's and Parkinson's patients. After that she moved on to investigate the occular correlates of auditory vigilance during drowsiness for her undergrad thesis. Currently, her work is focussed on developing strategies for cognitive enhancement usinf arousal stimuli in monotonous naturilistic tasks.