Vision Statement

Our overarching vision is to house, under one inspirational roof, an Institute focused on research at the frontiers of cognitive science, technology development, and clinical and commercial translation. The Institute brings together basic scientists, computational scientists, experimentalists and clinicians, engineers, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Foundation of SINAPSE research: fundamental work involved in the frontiers of neuroscience, engineering, and medicine will enable discoveries and innovative solutions for the society. The pillars of the Institutes are engineering, clinical translation and creation of intellectual property. The research, development and translation are directed towards benefits to defense, industrial and society.

The research thrusts and focus areas involve brain and its cognitive and neurobiological mechanisms, modeling brain function and building mathematical and computational models, development of technologies for interfacing to brain and for treating brain disorders, building brain inspired or neuromorphic computers and machines, and developing intellectual property that will result in product of value to industrial society.